Many Voodoo Priests May Not Be Legitimate Voodoo Priests!


Things you should know: When going to a voodoo priest, be sure to check his credentials thoroughly, as he may not be a real, honest-to-goodness, certifiable voodoo priest. He may be just a regular person, or worse, a con artist, who’s looking to take advantage of people, usually desperate, who are seeking voodoo priests. For example, the “voodoo priest” who orchestrated a sex ritual that ended in fire and death last month in Brooklyn — he was not likely a “real” one, not at all. Nor was he much good at “luck,” which is why his assistance was sought in the first place.

To recap, as the Daily News reports,

Last month, a Brooklyn woman — unemployed and in desperate need of a job — paid Nelson (Pepe) Pierre $300 to perform a ceremony he promised would change her luck.

Instead of a boost in good fortune, the single mom was duped into having sex with the 66-year-old. She escaped serious injury after flames from ritual candles ignited bed sheets and clothing strewn about the floor.

Sources said the voodoo priest had poured rum around the base of the bed and near the doorjamb, which may have intensified the flames. Compounding the problem even further, Pierre used water from a bathroom sink to try to put out the blaze instead of calling 911.

Pierre and another man opened a door and a window, creating a blowtorch effect that eventually engulfed the upper floors of the six-story building.

Not very legit voodoo priest-like, huh? The woman is now afraid Pierre will “send evil spirits after her.” If it helps at all, it sounds like that’s above his pay grade.

Beware the illegitimate voodoo priest.

Voodoo priest linked to Flatbush blaze is one of many scammers, predators, say neighbors [NYDN via Gothamist]