Naked New York City Photos Not American Apparel Ads, As Far As We Can Tell


Erica Simone will show her New York City-based nude self-portraits in an upcoming exhibit titled rather directly “Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen.” All of the 20 photographs are, as we say on the internet, Not Safe For Work, but are supposed to be a portrait of everyday life in the city we love, except naked. That means Simone is posing at the barber shop, shopping at the bodega, getting arrested and so on. Without clothes.

The show runs from April 14th through April 28th at Dash Gallery, as in Dame. Simone looks something like a model, which might explain in part her popularity on the internet already (NSFW!), though this particular project does not appear to be guerrilla marketing for a movie or clothes, something we’ve become increasingly paranoid about lately.

It’s just art.