The Five Best Pop Songs to Lip-Sync to


Let’s keep this gender-unspecific — i.e., this isn’t just about drag queens, but about anyone who loves mouthing along to a song. (And who doesn’t, especially if you’re unemployed?)

Let’s also stay within the relatively modern era. I’m not including “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” OK?

And so, the best lip-synch songs of today are:

(5) “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse. It’s petulant, it’s throbby, and you get to be oh-so-ironic about it.

(4) “Get The Party Started” by Pink. This one’s fast and spirited, and if you have an audience, they automatically start moving their bodies against their will. This little tune is a self-fulfilling prophecy that actually starts the party.

(3) “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. With all the chanting and other surprise sections, it’s a tour de force for a farceur, especially if you can keep up with the frantic pace and dark emotions.

(2) “Give Me More” by Britney Spears. The robo-weirdness of the ditzy ditty is so very hypnotic and you get the extra bonus of hilariously imitating the way Britney bombed with it at the VMAs.

And number one is…

(1) “Lady Marmalade” by anybody!

This classic is as hot, dirty, and writhing as a Creole whore, and you get to play so many parts!