This Week in the Voice: The Fuzzy Math of Sex Trafficking


This week in the Voice, Nick Pinto examines some questionable statistics used to calculate juvenile sex trafficking rates. The numbers cultivated were used to convince Congress to force Craigslist to pull its adult classifieds section, and they are still being touted by major news outlets to this day. After consulting independent researchers and examining the methods, Nick Pinto finds that the compelling stats are just “junk science.”

Robert Sietsema charts the return of the French bistro to Manhattan with the East Village’s Goat Town. Despite the name, “the restaurant is an affable and pleasant place.” It also serves a “wonderful” burger, which is all we need to hear.

Lauren Shockey takes a stroll down Mulberry Street. The tacky strip used to be chock-full of dime-a-dozen eateries, but has recently felt an Italian Renaissance and “transformed into a veritable oasis for omnivores.

Anthony Kaufman talks to Greek filmmaker Athina Rachel Tsangari. Her new film Attenberg “focuses on a newly sexual young woman and her dying father” and alternates “between socially coded manners and liberating whimsy.

Elsewhere, Michael Musto visits the Saint-at-Large Black Party, which he was told made “Sodom and Gomorrah look like Minneapolis-St. Paul.”

Finally, Adrienne Day gives a eulogy for LCD Soundsystem as the band of the moment says their final goodbyes.

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