Tireless Woman in Pursuit of Justice Loses Lawsuit Over 12 Cents


A Connecticut shopper has lost her legal battle with Rite Aid over 12 cents. Her attorney said that the fight was about “much more than getting back change,” thank God, because that would have been sad. “It was a fight on behalf of everyone in Connecticut who is overtaxed and does not have the time or necessary documentation to fight to be reimbursed.”

The next bit reads like a math problem. The woman, Pamela Blass, had bargain-shopped at a Rite Aid and purchased four 99-cent items, but had two $1 coupons, meaning her total was $1.96. The sales tax of 24 cents was based on the pre-coupon amount, however, stiffing Blass of 12 cents.

Blass apparently stayed up a lot of nights thinking about this, and eight months after the purchase, filed a complaint accusing the store of “unfair and deceptive trade practices.”

When a lower court decided in favor of the store, Blass filed a potential class action suit, and also filed a complaint in Superior Court, all for the principle — if everyone is overcharged 12 cents, you know, that really adds up! (As do legal fees, and time spent fighting for 12 cents, but all that is on principle, and principle is worth more than 12 cents!)

Sadly, Blass lost, mostly because she didn’t just go back to the store with her receipt and ask for a refund or try to get it from the state before heading to court, which is what the Department of Revenue recommends you do if you find yourself out 12 cents when you shouldn’t be. Adding insult to injury, the court is tired of talking about it. “It would serve no useful purpose to engage in further discussion of the issues,” the court opinion states.

But, Blass made her point. No one should ever use coupons lest this happen again!

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