Today in El Diario: Beauty Salons and Rapists


Today in El Diario, that newspaper at your bodega you always wondered

Beauty Salon Queens

Washington Heights isn’t just known for its bachata and meringue music, reports the Spanish-language daily — it’s also known for its vibrant commerce, especially its booming beauty salon industry. It’s not uncommon to see up to four beauty salons on a single block. And the high number of area beauty salons isn’t just a sign of increased demand — the trend reflects Dominicans’ entrepreneurial desires, according to the paper.

One expert quoted said that there are 18,000 beauty salons in the NYC metro area. Most of them belong to Dominicans. Dominican salons have an advantage of understanding all different types of hair, the expert said. Alicia Mendez, who owns a salon on 172nd street, told the paper that she agreed.

“The advantage here is that we understand different clients’ cultures and the different types of hair they have,” she said.

Caceres appeals rape sentence

The director of a Mexican community organization announced that the group’s founder is appealing a 7-year prison sentence for rape, but that the group’s Cinco de Mayo parade would continue as planned, according to the paper.

Sandra Perez, head of the Centro de la Comunidad Mexicana, said that it could take up to six months to learn the judge’s ruling on the Juan Caceres’ case. Caceres, who started the Centro, is said to have raped his daughter. His supporters say that he is innocent and that the case is “full of irregularities.”

Perez assured that the Centro is not in trouble, and that it is already obtaining permits for a May 5 parade, which takes place on 116th Street.