Westboro Baptist Church Says They’ll Picket Liz Taylor’s Funeral


This should come as a surprise to no one, because this is exactly what Westboro Church does, and then we all get angry, and then they laugh, maniacally, from somewhere inside their alien life forms that are filled with twisty, mean tornado clouds and spiky sharp fingernails instead of hearts and souls, but, well, Westboro Church has taken to Twitter to announce they’ll be picketing Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral “all because Liz was apparently some sort of gay ‘enabler’ and (God forbid) an AIDS activist,” says TMZ.

Classily, Phelps tweeted:

Now remember, Westboro Baptist wants to make us as mad as a “wet hen.” Therefore, we will turn the other cheek. But someday, dear Westboro-ites, you will shuffle off this mortal coil and we will not even bother to threaten to picket you, and then you will finally shut up, and we, thank God, we will forget about you entirely.

Evil ‘Church’ to Protest Elizabeth Taylor’s Funeral [TMZ]