Where Was I Eating? Graffit


Fork in the Road readers supplied a bounty of great guesses for Where I Was Eating, naming almost all of the high-concept restaurants in town. But only one person guessed correctly that I was dining at Graffit. The image in question is a close-up of the dessert “A Study of Spanish Moscatel.”

Congrats to Jake for guessing correctly. Please email me to claim your cookbook.

Visually arresting, the dessert takes gelatinized Moscatel wine and dots it with various fruits and herb purées. The greenish half of the dessert represents the flavors found in the nose of the wine, so you’ll encounter almond purée, orange rind, and basil. The pinkish half of the dessert, meanwhile, reflects the flavors of the wine, so you’ll find an assortment of berry purées and pineapple. The dessert is rather boozy (in my review, I describe it as “what Seurat would come up with if he was asked to create a Pointillist Jell-O shot”) and not the yummiest sweet you’ll ever encounter, but it is definitely striking. Here’s what the dish looks like as whole:

Not your average dessert, for sure, but when you can’t face another plate of chocolate cake, well, it hits the spot.