Chas McFeely Really Will Pay You $10,000 to Find Him a Wife


Last Friday we mentioned Chas McFeely, a man on the Internet with a plan to pay whomever can find him a wife — a real, legit woman who he actually marries — the not unimpressive sum of $10,000. We were intrigued, especially because Chas, who’s 40 and obviously single, seemed refreshingly honest, up front, and earnest about his project. We got in touch and asked him a few questions. The $10,000 is for real.

How did you come up with the idea to start the site? I had good momentum with some personal creative projects. I was single and working
too much. The idea just kind of appeared. I thought, if I could pour as much creative
energy into myself as I do for my clients, I just might get somewhere.

How many women have you dated seriously over the years? Five.

Why do you think your previous relationships didn’t work out? Why now? It’s taken me a long time to get to know myself and settle into who I am as a person.

What sort of woman are you looking for? I’ve never been very good at articulating “my type.” At least not without the usual cliches. Fortunately, I think Hook Chas Up captures my personality pretty well. So if it resonates with someone, we’re off to a good start.

Do you really think this will get you a wife? How long do you plan on doing it? I really do. And I’m in it until I find her.

How many responses have you gotten, ballpark? Around 700.

Any favorite or most intriguing responses? On the “is this for real” front, I was put in touch with a popular European musician. On a less inspiring, funny note, a woman offered to jump on a plane and fly her ‘crusty eggs’ out to San Francisco.

How will you decide who to go out with? I read the emails. I look at the photos. If something clicks, I get in touch and see if there’s any interest in meeting. I also have my best girl friend lending a perceptive eye.

What have you done on your dates so far? This site went up two weeks ago, so I’m just starting to schedule dates. Though I did have one. We met for a drink at the La Folie bar. The girl surprised me with a monkey portraits book. All in all, a nice time, but wasn’t the connection I was looking for.

What can you tell women about you that they don’t already know from your site? Here goes nothing. Years ago, I was watching that Paul Potts thing at work. A passing coworker was like, “Dude? Are your eyes tearing up?” I could watch something like that 10 times. And all 10 times, I’ll get choked up. My mom’s the same way. Guess I inherited a weakness for schmaltz. And, oh yeah, I like to get to the airport super early. Sorry in advance.

If this sounds appealing to you or might to anyone you know, you can contact Chas, who works in advertising in San Francisco, via his website. Stay tuned: A blog is in the works, as is his Twitter.