Disney Cruise Line Worker Missing at Sea


A Disney Cruise Liner that left from Los Angeles on Sunday is reporting that a crew member on “The Disney Wonder” has gone missing. The crew realized that the unidentified worker was missing on Tuesday when he didn’t show up for his morning shift. The boat docked Wednesday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, while crews from the U.S. Coast Guard, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Mexican Navy, and the Bahamas Maritime Authority all searched for the missing worker. A thorough inspection of the cruise ship turned up fruitless, and the search continues.

The Juice has the statement that Disney Cruise Lines released today:

Given the circumstances we are very concerned about this situation and are doing everything possible to assist with the search effort and investigation. The Mexican Navy has been conducting searches since Tuesday, and we immediately contacted the FBI and the Bahamian Maritime Authority, which is leading the investigation on this matter. We have also conducted a thorough and comprehensive inspection of the ship and spoken with the crew member’s colleagues to gather as much information as possible.

[via CNN & The Juice]