Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez Is Bringing Lassi Back, Sort of


Lassi lovers — and there are many of them — still rue the day almost two years ago when Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez closed up her tiny Indian restaurant (named after the popular Punjabi yogurt-based beverage) on Greenwich Avenue. So we’re happy to report that Lassi will be resurrected at three separate events over the next few months.

Carlucci-Rodriguez, who since last February has been working alongside her husband, Charles Rodriguez, at Print, tells us that on April 7 she’ll be participating in the Varli Food Festival, a massive all-Indian-food event taking place at the Altman building. “Think Bollywood,” she says. “There’ll be a red carpet and spice market,” as well as food from the likes of Suvir Saran, Floyd Cardoz, Maneet Chauhan, and Vikas Khanna.

Carlucci-Rodriguez herself will be doing a demo of Indian desserts. They’ll serve as a precursor of sorts for the food she’ll serve on May 1 at Txikifest, a street festival that Txikito’s Alex Raij and Eder Montero are organizing in the alley in back of the restaurant. The lineup is still coming together (we’ve heard that Taïm Mobile, Co., and Fany Gerson are among those who will be participating), but Carlucci-Rodriguez is definitely planning to be there.

And on June 13, she’s also planning to be in the kitchen at What Happens When, which next month is kicking off its What Happens When Women series.

Every Monday from early April through October, the restaurant will be commandeered by a female chef, pastry chef, and sommelier. “Everyone asked me to do Lassi,” Carlucci-Rodriguez says. “So for one beautiful night, it will be Lassi with seats in a restaurant, for four and a half hours.” She’ll be making two appetizers, two entrées, and two desserts, though she’s having trouble deciding which ones. “It’s like the Sophie’s Choice of dining,” she says, laughing.

All of this is great, but will Lassi ever be resurrected in actual restaurant form? “It’ll happen. It’ll definitely happen,” Carlucci-Rodriguez assures us. She’s hoping it will happen in “the next two years,” but says that between her work at Print — “which has taken off in more ways than I ever imagined” — and having a small child, she can’t provide a more specific timeline. But when Lassi is reincarnated, it will be “completely farm-to-table Indian food.” Locally sourced cardamom? She’s already heard of someone in Florida who grows curry leaves, so anything’s possible.