Liz Taylor: ‘Many Have Envied Her, Many Have Condemned Her…’


One of the best bios of Liz Taylor was in a Playbill!

It was in 1981, when the two-time Oscar winner starred on Broadway in a revival of The Little Foxes.

Liz was married at that time to Senator John Warner and was already an iconoclastic woman who suffered no bull and served many charities.

In the Playbill that I happen to still have, Liz didn’t name any particular films she was in. That would be too mundane.

Instead, her bio simply stated that “Her well-recorded life has been an open book, the pages of which few have left unturned.

“Many have envied her, many have condemned her; yet she endures.”

Yes, she most certainly does.

“Among film fans,” the bio goes on, “she is known as a Star and rightly so because of her charisma, intelligence, talent, and beauty.”

“She is one of the very few to have gone from child star to stunning adolescent to accomplished actress in a series of films which were shrewdly devised stepping stones to an extraordinary career.

“Followers of her professional activity have always been devout, and it is no wonder that interest has been intense about her personal life as well.

“As the wife of Senator John W. Warner of Virginia, she had added another dimension to her life and is assisting various organizations in the state that her husband represents.

“This has never been more in evidence than now that she has begun to dedicate more and more of her personal life to the needs of the unfortunate.”

The ballsy squib goes on to describe Liz’s work with a vast variety of charitable things like clinics in Africa to needy Vietnam war vets.

No wonder she spelled Star with a capital S!