Liz Taylor’s Five Most Enjoyably Terrible Movies


It wasn’t always Academy Awards for Liz Taylor.

When her movies were bad, they were truly rotten — though always in a highly entertaining way thanks to her verve and outfits.

The five most fun stinkers she ever made are:

(5) The Sandpiper. 1965. (Above) Vincente Minnelli directed this crazy tale of aging hippies in Big Sur, but Liz has nice caftans and an illegitimate son, Dick’s along for the ride, and “The Shadow of Your Smile” gets played a lot.

(4) Reflections in a Golden Eye. 1967. Another great director (John Huston) gets brought down with a deranged potboiler, though Liz looks amazing in a purple shmatte. As she cavorts, Julie Harris cuts off her nipples with garden shears, Brando anguishes over being a fruitcake, and Robert Forster rides naked on a horse. Author Carson McCullers died the same year. Coincidence?

(3) Secret Ceremony. 1968. Is Mia Farrow the reincarnation of Liz’s dead daughter? Is Liz nuts? Is Mia awake? Am I really watching this again and again???

(2) Ash Wednesday. 1973. Liz has a facelift and there’s lots of gliding around a Swiss spa and it’s all very sleek and beautiful and bizarre, not to mention one of the first attempts to delve into the surgery craze. I’d watch it with Scotch tape holding back my face any day of the week.

And the best worst Liz movie of all is…

(1) The Driver’s Seat. 1974. This little seen piece of weirdness based on a Muriel Spark story has Liz running around Rome begging for strangers to kill her. Thank God they don’t, so she gets to have an amazing scene where she applies eyeliner for a full minute, then tops it with sunglasses! Andy Warhol cameos.

Runners up:

Boom; X, Y, and Zee; Hammersmith Is Out; A Little Night Music; The Only Game In Town; Night Watch, The Bluebird….