Oxford English Dictionary Now Includes <3 [Heart]


If you spend any time on the Internet — no matter your age — you should know what

Via the Daily Mail,

The graphic symbol – which will be found alongside the word ‘heart’ and listed as a verb meaning ‘to love’ – is the first of its kind to be included in the comprehensive reference work.

New York gets a shout-out, too:

The symbol’s most famous use is probably in a rebus to promote New York – ‘I [heart] NY’ – which came about in the mid-70s when the Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Department of Commerce hired an advertising agency to develop a marketing campaign for the city.

Thanks, Milton Glaser, for putting us on the map!

Other words recently added to the OED: muffin top, OMG, scrunchy, and, yes, banh mi. We

OMG! Oxford English Dictionary grows a heart: Graphic symbol for love (and that exclamation) are added as WORDS [Daily Mail, via Pat’s Papers]

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