Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices Prepares to Open in Manhattan


At some point this spring, Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices will be opening its first Manhattan location on East 24th Street and Lexington Avenue. The company, which was founded in 1928, has numerous locations throughout Long Island and Staten Island, and one in Queens. This one will be right across the street from Baruch College, which implies that the company is pretty savvy about understanding its target demographic. The closest Ralph’s had previously come to Manhattan was a location in Williamsburg. That location’s closure last year was met by near-homicidal protestations from some Yelpers who attributed its demise to the arrival of an Uncle Louie G’s. “I will see you in hell, Uncle Louie G,” wrote one. “And I will stab you in the face with whatever sharp implements are readily accessible in hell.” When it comes to flavored ice, it seems that passions run hot.