Subway-Themed Greeting Cards Are Cuter Than the Subway


The people of New York have an odd relationship with the subway. Codependent, maybe…even a little “love-hate,” as they say? While we have all sorts of ill will with regard to the MTA and what they aren’t doing and how much they’re charging us, we also nearly daily depend on the subway to get us wherever we’re going, and we have strong feelings, even fondnesses, for our preferred trains and stations and their icons. When anything changes on a subway sign, we notice, whether it’s prank or reality. It must be this strange affection/affliction that drives us to purchase a whole range of subway-themed products, from shower curtains to baby onesies and greeting cards.

Yes, there are subway greeting cards, as pointed out today by Subway Art Blog. They made by a bona fide New Yorker and “inspired by the New York subway and officially licensed by the MTA” — but don’t let that get you down. They’re pretty cute.

Cards include a “C” for “Congratulations,” “D” for “Dad,” “E” for “Ever After” (as in, wedding), “F” for “Friend,” and an “R” for “Rules of Engagement.” The icon of the L train is, of course, for love. There’s also a 1-train “route to love,” for those you meet on the 1 train! Who knew there was so much love on the subway? Let’s hope the MTA doesn’t charge extra for that.

If you have your own deeply conflicting relationship with the subway, and simpler ones with people, and want to send cards that indicate such, you can buy them here.

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