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The Book of Mormon Will Make You a Believer


I’m quite certain that The Book of Mormon is the only current Broadway musical with the song lyric, “Fuck you, God, in your ass, mouth, and cunt — and the eye!”

And I defy anyone to get offended. Except Mormons.

The show — done by the South Park guys with the help of an Avenue Q writer — manages the high-wire feat of spoofing religion, poverty, and Jesus, while throwing in AIDS jokes and songs about closeted Mormons “turning it off” — and virtually everyone leaves happy!

The characters are douches but somehow sympathetic, and the show ends up having enough heart to temper all the smirky antics. And it’s really funny.

It’s like a big Disney musical — full of ballads and relationships and yearnings to fit in — but on piles of crystal, with wickedly satirical numbers that are so deftly executed you leave humming, “I’ve got maggots in my scrotum”.

The show doesn’t always sustain the same level of ingenuity — Act One loses momentum after the first few showstoppers — but by the time the Ugandan natives put on a revue in Act Two, featuring all the warped lies the Mormons have fed them (like, “Don’t fuck a baby, fuck a frog”), you’re at the altar of high wit. Or low wit. But definitely wit.

And I loved when one of the natives reminded everyone that the revue was only in previews!

So go. I think you’ll enjoy this even more than that other spoof of Mormonism — the Donny and Marie Christmas Show.