There Is a ‘Bloody Loco’ Drinking Game


Attempting to make lemonade of lemons, or something viral out of something crazy, as the case may be, a group calling themselves the E.S.P.S. has notified us of the (official?) Bloody Loco Drinking Game. (Remember ‘Bloody Loco,’ the crazy dude who harassed a very nice man in a blue sweater, on the 7 train recently?)

The rules of the Bloody Loco Drinking Game are pretty simple, as they should be. Basically, whenever Loco utters one of his catchphrases, you drink in some form or another.

1) When you hear “BLOODY LOCO” CHUG A BEER!!!

2) When you hear “ASAP” do a SHOT!!!

3) When you hear “RECOGNIZE” do a KEG STAND!!!

We are told “Remember there’s no losers. And it’s BYOB!!!”

As for the mystery of Bloody Loco, the blue sweater guy, whose name is Daniel, got in touch with Gawker, to whom he revealed the inception of the incident:

“I got on the subway and accidentally bumped his leg and it started. He called me a pussy and I told him ‘I am what I eat.’ When a girl laughed he went ballistic.” That’s when the video started. And the ending of it all? “The guy got off a couple of stops later asking me to get off the subway and ‘shoot it out’ with him.”

Daniel said no.

The best drinking game, of course, involves staying the hell away from Bloody Loco on your commute, and then having a nice relaxing glass of whatever you prefer when you get home.