Today in El Diario: Puerto Rican Protesters and Liz Taylor’s Latina Peers


Today in El Diario, that newspaper at your bodega you always wondered about…

Puerto Rican governor upsets Puerto Ricans
A group of mostly Puerto Ricans gathered Wednesday outside the New York Athletic Club to protest Puerto Rican Gov. Luis Fortuno’s fundraising dinner, according to the Spanish-language daily. Also, a recent upswing in murders is ravaging the island, the paper reports.
Even though the police made the protesters move away from the club entrance – and into the rain – they did not give up their mission.

Protesters walked in circles to fight off the cold, while chanting: “Puerto Rico is not selling itself, Puerto Rico is defending itself.”

The dinner, said to cost $1,000 per person, was attended by Fortuno’s “Republican friends,” according to El Diario. Fortuno was using the event to gather money for his re-election campaign, as well as inform attendees about investment opportunities in the U.S. territory.

“He’s a fascist monster,” 68-year-old Jose Santana told the paper.

Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, an upturn in murders continues. Statistics released yesterday indicated that 300 people had already been murdered this year, reports El Diario.

Analysis: Other actresses have bad relationships like Elizabeth Taylor did

Elizabeth Taylor was unique, but her personal life tended to overshadow her career, reports the Spanish-language daily.

And in the wake of her death, one need not forget that there are also Latina celebrities who followed in the starlet’s polemic footsteps, such as Silvia Pinal, who married four times.

Lupida D’Alessio, a Mexican singer was also very similar to Taylor, because scandals from D’Alessio’s past continued to haunt her later in life – just like singer Yolandita Monge, once one of “the most desired women in Puerto Rico.” But a Cuban Prima Ballerina deserves mention for breaking some sort of marriage record, getting hitched a total of 12 times.

The actress who has the most in common with Taylor, however, is actually Angelina Jolie, the paper claims. Jolie had many romances and got married several times, robbing Jennifer Aniston of her husband by marrying Brad Pitt. So, without a doubt, this makes Jolie most similar to Taylor, El Diario says.