Twana Rose, Who Ripped Off Fellow Tenants, Sentenced to Prison


Twana Rose, a former secretary of a Bronx tenants’ association who was named to the Voice‘s Ten Worst Tenants list earlier this month, was sentenced yesterday today in Bronx Supreme Court to between 1.5 and three years in prison.

Rose, along with her mother, Arlether Middleton, who served as the tenants’ association president, stole $30,000 from the building’s bank account. The pair used the money to pay for credit card, cell phone, and other personal bills.

In January, both pled guilty to third-degree larceny.

This is Rose’s second conviction for ripping off fellow tenants at 783 East 168th Street. In 2001, she pled guilty to charges that she illegally cashed the tenants’ association’s checks and kept the money for herself. She was kicked out of the tenants’ association shortly after getting caught. At the time, she stole $7,000 and was sentenced to five years’ probation.

The building was in a city program that would allow rentals to covert to co-ops, enabling the tenants to become homeowners. Because of financial mismanagement, it was taken out of the program.