Why Doesn’t New York City Sell the World’s Best Ice Cream Flavor?


New York City is truly an ice cream wasteland. And not just because Late Night Snack is ridiculously difficult to find here. This city is devoid of the world’s best ice cream flavor — Grape-Nuts. Yes, the cereal itself might evoke breakfasts of blandness, but when paired with a sweet ice cream base, it forms quite possibly the best ice cream of all time. New England ice cream parlors have recognized this and serve up scoops of this treat, but when you get to the Big Apple, nada. But then to our utter delight, we found a restaurant selling it.

Miss Lily’s, Serge Becker’s new, clubby Jamaican restaurant, offers it on its dessert menu for $8 (other ice cream choices include Guinness and rum raisin, and for that price you get two scoops). Interesting that you’d find this sweet treat from the Northeast there, no? Actually not. By some odd twist of globalization, Grape-Nuts ice cream is actually a very popular flavor in Jamaica. Who knew?

Clearly we had to order the dessert. Verdict: decent, but not the Proustian ice cream of our New England summers. The main problem was that the ice cream’s texture was overly icy, but it was also exceptionally malty in flavor as opposed to having a creamy, vanilla base. Still, it’s better than nothing, which makes it the best Grape-Nuts ice cream we’ve had in New York City.

Fork in the Road readers — do you know any places in New York selling Grape-Nuts ice cream? Let us know!