Canadian Government Collapses After No-Confidence Vote


Earlier this month, we reported that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had renamed the country’s government after himself. How’d that work out? After today’s no-confidence vote in parliament, his Conservative minority government fell. There’s a vacuum of power in Canada! Someone rush up and fill it! Anyone? You can charge your electronics in their outlets, no need to buy an adapter. They have football, too!

The BBC reports that the vote “came after a finding by a parliamentary committee led by the opposition parties that Mr. Harper’s government had acted in contempt by failing to disclose the full costs of spending on anti-crime programmes, corporate tax cuts and plans to purchase stealth fighter jets.” In Harper’s defense, if you disclose the full cost of a stealth fighter jet, it is no longer 100% stealth.

Re-elections will be held in early May. Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is leading the polls, which makes this all seem pretty silly if you think about it.

Canadian government falls after no-confidence vote [BBC]