Fossil of Saber-Toothed Vegetarian Dinosaur Found in Brazil


Surprise! Just when you thought you’d fully grasped the concept of evolution, a saber-toothed vegetarian dinosaur came along. Researchers at Science Magazine have recently discovered the remains of a plant-eating dinosaur called “Tiarajudens eccentricus” with teeth made for meat eating, begging the question: Would a modern-day dinosaur shop at Whole Foods?

Our new friend (let’s call her “Tiara”) certainly would. Tiara lived 260 million years ago in what is now considered Brazil. Tiara was around the size of a small dog, and despite “her” 5-inch saber teeth, Tiara chose to eat plants, like many of the Williamsburg ilk.

“The evolution of saber teeth is comparably rare among tetrapods and exceedingly uncommon in herbivorous forms,” according to the article.