L.A.’s Coolhaus Has Arrived in New York


Given that it’s 39 degrees outside, it seems a little bit cruel to be writing about ice cream, particularly when the ice cream in question hails from Los Angeles, where it’s never 39 degrees outside.

Be that as it may, frozen dairy connoisseurs have yet another reason to anticipate the warmer months: Coolhaus, the ice cream sandwich truck that has bewitched Los Angelenos since 2009, has arrived in New York. According to the company’s blog, one of the two trucks they’re bringing over has arrived and is currently residing in Williamsburg. “We are very excited to be part of the NY street food scene, and have already been meeting awesome and friendly other trucks,” Coolhaus’ owners, Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, write. The truck will sell flavors that skew toward the unconventional, such as mango sticky rice, strawberry jalapeño, and wasabi, though there will be more traditional varieties, like Tahitian vanilla bean and strawberry custard, as well.

New York and L.A., of course, have long enjoyed pissing on one another’s dining options; one assumes that if anything can serve as an olive branch, it’s ice cream. We’ll find out when Coolhaus launches on April 15.

[Via Midtown Lunch]