Mom Gives 8-Year-Old Botox and ‘Virgin’ Waxes So She’ll Be Famous


I’d suggest we take this story with a grain of salt, though who wants even a grain of salt to dilute any of the Internet crowd-rage related to this story? Britain’s The Sun tells the tale of the worst mom of all pushy, awful stage moms, a mom who is, without a hint of regret or self-doubt, if this is all to be believed, making her 8-year-old daughter into a Botox-ridden, be-waxed little monster so that Daughter can grow up to the inevitable superstardom that Mom really deserves. Alas, the little girl’s superstar turn may well be limited to appearing in Britain’s The Sun at the age of eight.

Things done to Britney Campbell, 8, to make her a superstar:

• Injections! “Once every three months, Britney climbs on a beautician’s table and watches as mum Kerry prepares needles of Botox and fillers to be injected into her face.”

• Body waxes! “She also has her virgin wax monthly, which gets rid of her fluffy leg hair and makes sure she wont develop pubic hair in the future,” says Mom. “It will save her a fortune in waxing when she’s older.”

These are things a superstar should worry about. There are also plans for tattoed lip liner and eyebrows.

Despite everyone she ever comes in contact with likely wondering, aloud or otherwise, what the fuck she’s doing to her daughter (except, of course, other crazy pageant moms, who are allegedly doing this as well), Kerry believes firmly that this is the right thing to do for Britney to make her a staaaar.

“I know one day she will be a model, actress or singer, and having these treatments now will ensure she stays looking younger and baby-faced for longer.

“I’m sure people reading this will think I am being irresponsible, but I ensure that I test the Botox and fillers I buy online on myself first.”

Well, that’s a relief. Also, you’re not being a good enough parent if you’re not doing this!

“More mothers should do it for their daughters.”

Apparently little Britney is one of the youngest kids in the world to get Botox for “beauty purposes,” which means, when all else fails, she can at least make a Guinness Book bid.

Britney, meanwhile, is behaving like a totally normal 8-year-old, complaining she can see wrinkles, demanding more Botox, and hoping for a boob and nose job soon to complete her transition to stardom.

This is not against the law. But as one commenter wrote, “This is wrong on so many levels! I hope some hate internet campaigns will put an end to that kind of things… ”

We can always hope.

I’m injecting my eight-year-old with Botox and getting her body waxes so she’ll be a superstar [The Sun]