Real Housewives of NY’s Alex and Simon Want Gay Marriage


No, not for themselves. They already have straight marriage.

But they’re adamantly in favor of same-sex marriage, which will come up in the new season of Real Housewives of New York, particularly at a marital equality rally they appeared at along with other notables.

On the phone yesterday, the duo filled me in on their viewpoints.

Simon van Kempen: On a show like Real Housewives, we have a broad audience. We tend to stay away from issues because they’re interested in us because we’re crazy and wear red leather pants.

Alex McCord: They don’t want us to be Sean Penn. But this is civil rights! This is a cause that we feel passionate about. The number one thing is it’s not fair! My best friend from college shot a playdate with us on the show. I’ve been with him as his life was changed when he got married in Vermont, and then again in Massachusetts when they moved there. One of the things that broke my heart is he’d gotten a dream job offer, but it was in a state he couldn’t move to because his husband wouldn’t have gotten health benefits and so on!

Simon: I came to the States almost 10 years ago for a three-week business trip. I met Alex. Fortunately for me, the Alex I met was Alexandra, not Alexander. I moved to the states and eventually got my U.S. citizenship. But if it was Alexander, our love would have been screwed. It’s ridiculous that in 2011, there are people split up who can’t live their lives because of the government!