Ricky’s: Good for Nail Polish, Bad for Cupcakes


Although it sometimes seems that cupcakes are an unstoppable force, stomping across the five boroughs like Genghis Khan’s army, it turns out it’s actually not that hard for cupcake sellers to go out of business.

Here’s Park Slope has an interesting and sad story about the King of Cupcakes, the Seventh Avenue cupcake shop that closed last week after a mere five months in business. Although there were numerous reasons for its demise — poorly trained staff, unfavorable comparisons with other area cupcakes — owner Sean Rich told the blog that part of the problem was Ricky’s.

Ricky’s, of course, is known as a one-stop shop for nail polish, gel arch supports, fake tattoos, and Avatar costumes. But apparently its CEO likes cupcakes and wanted a vendor to sell them out of certain Ricky’s locations. He offered to supply Rich with a storefront for his business in return for 51 percent of the company.

Suffice to say, the pairing between Ricky’s and the King of Cupcakes lacked a certain synergy. HPS has the gory details; reading them, we’re not sure whether to feel sad for the store’s demise or unnerved by the idea of cupcakes being sold alongside hair extensions and blackhead cleanser.