Slackers: Better at Life?


Here is your justification for being a slacker this chilly Friday. If you are a Type-A agro nerd, you’re going to experience greater levels of stress and strain than the totally “whatever” Type C-/D+, according to a new study in the Journal of Applied Psychology, says the Wall Street Journal. And if you fail to face problems head-on, instead taking a nap or maybe just chilling on the couch and watching Law and Order reruns, you may “actually do better with life conflict, and seem to have more energy, says the study.”

Ah, as long as it’s not forever, mind you.

Avoiding problems for the short term, or “disengaging from stressful roles temporarily, may actually help,” the write the authors Tracy Hecht at Concordia University and Julie M. McCarthy at the University of Toronto.

This reminds us of the recent study that said we needed to stop trying to be so happy in order to be happy. Overthinking, like overstressing, can ruin a good thing, which is why Type-As should probably take this advice and try to chill out a little, while slackers will continue to be slackers and not stressed-out because that’s what they are, by definition. Nor will they read this post — unless they’re avoiding doing something else, like actually working — or become presidents of the United States, but it’s not like they cared in the first place. We are who we are.

In other news, sometimes stress can be good for you. Let’s save that for Monday.