The Week in Food Blogs: Generating Pop-Ups, Caffeinating Hipsters




This week, in food blogs:

Eater created a handy pop-up generator to keep you on top of the latest temporary eateries planned around the city.

Grub Street watched a screening of the Danny Meyer documentary The Restaurateur with the restaurateur, who was blushing before it even started.

Diner’s Journal revealed it bought Modernist Cuisine and asked, Will you?

Atlantic Life tapped sushi expert Trevor Corson to answer the burning question of whether Japanese fish is safe to eat.

Midtown Lunch got excited about the Kelvin Slush Truck returning April 1. Let’s hope springtime weather does, too.

Serious Eats rounded up the best coffee in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. With Grumpy, Gimme!, and Blue Bottle in the mix, it’s stiff competition.

Salon Food pitted natural non-sugar sweeteners against each other. Date sugar … who knew?