False Alarm at Fukushima; Bus That Killed Cyclist Located; Padded Bikini Tops for Kids


  • There was a scare this morning when radiation levels in water coming from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant were reported to be 10 million times above normal. It turned out the Tokyo Electric Power Company made a mistake and the radiation spike was not nearly that extreme, although still high. Workers were evacuated from the plant. [BBC]
  • The bus that hit and killed a delivery man on a bike on Friday has been found. Police are planning to interview the driver. [NYT/City Room]
  • Libyan rebels have taken control of two key cities, Ras-Lanuf and al-Brega. Coalition airstrikes continue as NATO prepares to take the reins of Operation Odyssey Dawn this weekend. [CNN]
  • Abercrombie is selling a padded bikini top for deplorably flat-chested eight-year-olds. [Jezebel via HuffPo]
  • The Washington Post has an interesting story about the Libyan rebels: ballsy, but disorganized and “ragtag.” [WaPo]
  • Reese Witherspoon got marrieeedddddd. [Daily Mail]
  • A Staten Island dog who ran away all the way to New Jersey during the blizzard in December has been returned home. [NYDN]
  • Women feel old at 29, while men start to feel old at 58, according to a study. How many years do you have left? [Gawker via Daily Mail]