So What If There’s a Deadly Cobra on the Loose!


Hey, if you were thinking about going to the Reptile House at the Bronx Zoo today, think again! A venomous cobra escaped from its abode and is slithering around waiting to kill people. So the Reptile House is closed, sorry.

The zoo says:

Based on our knowledge of the natural history and behavior of snakes, we know they seek closed-in spaces and are not comfortable in open areas. We are confident that the snake, about 20 inches long, is contained in a non-public, isolation area within the building.

Well, there you go. Also these things are native to “most of North Africa north of the Sahara, across the savannas of West Africa to the south of the Sahara, south to the Congo basin and east to Kenya and Tanzania, and in southern parts of the Arabian Peninsula,” according to Wikipedia. So it’ll be curtains for the cobra if it gets outside. It’s not savannah weather here.

The person to be worried about right now is the zoo employee who has to hunt the cobra down in the Reptile House. His job sucks.

[Daily Intel via Gothamist]