Bloomberg Calls State Budget an ‘Outrage,’ Dubs NYC the ‘Jewel’ of State’s Crown


“We’re the one that’s generating the money,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday, calling the budget agreement in Albany an “outrage.” Bloomberg argues that the cutbacks Governor Andrew Cuomo hopes to make will affect mostly the city in the form of education and heath care trimmings. “We are the jewel of the financial crown, if you will, in New York State,” Bloomberg explained via the City Room blog. Real New Yorkers everywhere nodded vigorously and cursed in agreement.

Cuomo’s budget, totaling $132.5 billion, was announced Sunday and includes at least “6,100 fewer teachers, 20 fewer fire companies, and 100 fewer senior centers,” in addition to changes to the pension system.

Bloomberg says he doesn’t have all the details, but he has “enough of the facts to be concerned,” while Cuomo maintains that we need “shared sacrifice from communities across the state.” (Does that mean like, Rye, or what? Ew.)

“If not secession, somebody please tell me what other options we have if the state is going to continue to take billions from us and give us back pennies. Should we raise taxes some more? Should we cut services some more? Or should we consider seriously going out on our own?” said City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. in 2008, after Bloomberg testified in Albany that NYC’s taxpayers give $11 billion more than they receive every year.

Same shit, different year. It’s not going to happen, but it sure can be fun to bitch about.

Bloomberg Blasts State Budget Deal as an ‘Outrage’ [City Room]