Drag Queen Bitch Fight! Hedda Lettuce on a Rampage!


Drag comic Hedda Lettuce generally wears green from head to toe, but lately she’s been seeing red.

See, virtually the entire drag community (and myself) was recently assembled at Lips restaurant for a Project Achieve event promoting the search for an HIV vaccine.

That was pretty dramatic in itself — but not as much so as the ill vibes going on between some of the drag queens who flash a lacquered smile while wishing they could rip each other’s fake tits off.

Hedda writes in her blog about her fuming thoughts on the various gals:

About one:

“Four years ago, she referred to me as the boil on the butt of the gay community. Personally, I think she resembles the butt more every day.”

Ouch. Waa. Mommy!

About another (who’d made a dissy reference to Hedda onstage):

“Boy, she was cranky onstage, desperately trying to make some witty banter and sadly falling on her face more than hitting her mark.”

Yikes. Sheesh. Hmm.

And as for one more painted waif:

“She wore a pale pink wig, matted and suffering from some serious split ends. We should do a benefit concert to get her a new wig.”

Yes, it can be called Project Weave!