Gabe Stulman Wants to Go Into the Bodega Business


Crain’s has published its annual 40 Under 40, a roundup of overachieving types who have not yet had to grapple with the existential challenges of middle age. It includes three emissaries from the food world. One, unsurprisingly, is David Chang, who says he wants to transform his business into one that is “not about me.” Another is Danielle Chang, the founder of the LuckyRice Festival, which Eric Ripert calls “interesting and fun.”

And then there’s Gabe Stulman, the Mayor of Little Wisconsin. It seems like the lack of toilet paper sales at Jeffrey’s Grocery left Stulman with an itch to scratch: He tells Crain’s that he’s thinking of getting into the bodega business because he wants “to sell Duracell batteries, Charmin toilet paper and Doritos.” He declined, however, to say whether Four Loko would fly at a Little Wisco bodega, but one can always dream.