Man Named ‘Cokayne’ Arrested for Drugs


Fairfax County police raided the home of Kevin Lee Cokayne after becoming suspicious of drug activity, the Washington Post reports. When an undercover detective asked to search Cokayne’s rented basement apartment, the 24-year-old reportedly said, “I don’t see why you want to waste your time for an eighth of weed. It’s a misdemeanor.” After a little time wasting, police found “a safe with marijuana, a wooden box with marijuana, two jars containing marijuana, a smoking device with marijuana, a digital scale, and “records and documents for Kevin Cocaine [sic].”

Mr. Cokayne was charged with two counts of distributing marijuana, both felonies. The Post reports that, “On what appears to be his Facebook page, he has a picture of an eight-ball.” What his admiration and enthusiasm for billiards has to do with the story, we may never know.

The lesson learned here? If you have a funny name, the Washington Post will dedicate almost 230 words to a story about that time you got busted for some weed.

And so will we!

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