New Four Loko and Other ‘Alcopops’ Excite Kids, Not State Senator


New York State Senator Jeff Klein is still ramping up with campaign against the the new Four Loko, which was stripped of all caffeine after national controversy sparked by sick kids and even death. But he says the new brew is still not safe enough and should only be sold in liquor stores. Now, Klein has announced an April 12 hearing and given his cause a name: “alcopop abuse.” He claims that the product, which contains 12 percent alcohol, is still being marketed toward young people, probably because of the bright colors and fruity flavors and impossibly low price. “Four Loko is for people who don’t have enough money and want a drink,” an 18-year-old told the Daily News today. “It still looks really cool.”

Klein, as we reported over the weekend, is working to introduce a bill that would require any liquid with over 6 percent alcohol, 1 percent sugar and a fruit flavor to be sold in a liquor store instead of a deli or bodega, next to the beer.

The News reports that 18 bodegas were busted for selling Four Loko or similar drinks, like Joose, in cans still packed with caffeine. Based only on our own anecdotal evidence, it’s true: Bodegas across the borough have taken to restocking and selling leftover Loko, complete with caffeine, in addition to the new, less exciting blend.

Abuse your alcopops while you still can because the adults aren’t done yet. Add some bath salts and salvia for a (legal-for-now) party that will almost certainly end awfully.

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