Raccoon Gets 15 Minutes of Fame


Sometimes an Adorable Animals in Trouble post just writes itself. Such it is for this darling story, in which a hungry raccoon in Long Island put his head in a jar of delicious peanut butter, and then could not get it out. (This happened to a relative of ours once.) A natural born showman, he then somehow climbed up a utility pole (the raccoon, not the relative).

Fortunately, people were on hand to help the poor, silly raccoon, and as they helped him they surely thought to themselves about the jar of Skippy they’d only thrown away the other day despite it having a nice layer of peanut butter still on the inside, because they were too lazy to scrape it out. Oops.

The good news is, the raccoon, dubbed “Skippy” by his adoring public, was rescued after eight hours by a Long Island Power Authority crew, and is now a star of morning television. Yay, “Skippy”!

Except…wasn’t Skippy recalled recently for salmonella? You know if the raccoon were human he’d have a lawsuit and a sponsorship deal by now.

This video captures the incipient drama of the incident, as well as the incipient drama of Ronkonkoma.