The Hair Club for Men Attempts Bad-Ass Biker Rebranding


As a kid, did you burst into mocking giggles over the Hair Club for Men commercials (“I’m not only the Hair Club president, but I’m also a client”) and President Sy Sperling’s too-fluffy-to-be-true mane? Confession: We did. However, we are wiping that smile right off our faces because the Hair Club for Men (now just “Hair Club” — don’t laugh) is rebranding, and it “is not your father’s Hair Club,” according to Lee Zoppa, VP of marketing and advertising. It is your biker uncle’s Hair Club.

As the New York Times reports,

The company, now known as simply Hair Club, is over the next six months traveling to major bike rallies, having made its first appearance at Daytona Bike Week in Florida early this month, and concluding the tour of seven destinations at Roar to the Shore in Wildwood, N.J., in September.

There’s also a partnership with American Chopper, the reality TV bike show.

The design and assembly of the chopper was the subject of two episodes, and the finished bike, unveiled during a January episode, featured the Hair Club logo and follicular flourishes like skulls sprouting hair in a flame pattern, forks that resembled razors, and custom rims meant to evoke the blades of scissors.

Because, what’s badder than a bad-ass bald biker? A biker with gorgeous, flowing locks, riding a bike emblazoned with skulls with gorgeous, flowing locks.

If you think this is an odd pairing, rest assured, it is not.

“When people lose their hair, they lose their self-esteem, and what Hair Club represents is getting back that power, that self-esteem, that self-assurance and that freedom,” Ms. Zoppa said. “And what motorcycles truly represent is that power and freedom, that feeling of the wind blowing in your face and wind blowing through your hair.”

We’re happy for everyone, but all this kinda makes us miss the old days.

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