What Happens at Prince William’s Bachelor Party Stays at Prince William’s Bachelor Party


While the House of Windsor knows full well how to make a media splash (just look at the Royal Wedding website) they are being curiously reticent about the matter of Prince William’s bachelor party. All we know is that the party involved 22 of William’s “closest friends,” that they went to a friend’s estate in Norfolk called Lodge Farm, and that the whole “low-key” shebang cost $4,000, reportedly. How reasonable.

In other news, no one will talk!

Palace officials confirmed Monday only that the stag party — reportedly thrown by his brother and best man, Prince Harry — had taken place.

“It has happened,” a spokeswoman said, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with palace policy. “We are not giving any details.”


“I’m very sorry but I have got to keep it a secret,” guest Thomas van Straubenzee told the Telegraph. “I hope you understand.”

And yet, according to the age-old principle of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” the secret is only really kept if it’s truly dull and boring. Thus, we may never know if the prince was playing Pictionary all night, but mark our words, if there were strippers, or a giant boob cake, it will come out in the wash eventually. Not that we’re saying there were.

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