After the Party It’s the New Jersey Police Van (For 14 Hours!); Cops Are the Ones in Trouble


Five New Jersey teenagers were left locked in a van for about 14 hours after cops pulled them from a house party at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday. It was about 26 degrees outside, but the kids only had body heat to rely on — no food, no water, no bathroom. Half of the busted group was brought into the station, while the other half was left outside, according to Adam Kim, 17, who claims, “The police forgot about us.” The house party was called “raucous” by the cops, with “drugs and alcohol in plain sight.” You know what that means: the kids were messed up enough to pee in the locked van. The mayor is pissed!

Attorney Lee Cohen refused to confirm whether the kids were left without supervision. “The matter is under investigation and because there are minors involved and an internal affairs investigation we cannot comment further,” he said.

Meanwhile, the kids’ story has picked up enough steam on the internet to get three Fort Lee Police officers suspended, and the alleged partiers an apology from the mayor.

“Words can’t describe my feelings about this, except to tell you this is a mistake beyond words,” said Mayor Mark Sokolich. “And we’re going to deal with it,” with “sweeping, sweeping investigations.”

In other words, the cops are so grounded.