EU Fails to Ban Clone Offspring Meat; Royal Wedding Cake(s) Revealed


Village Yogurt is a Chelsea staple where famous and no-name patrons alike go for uncomplicated, healthy Asian food.
[Wall Street Journal]

An EU effort to ban meat from the offspring of cloned animals failed after talks between participating governments broke down.
[ABC News]

Whole Foods is opening bars that serve craft beer and local wine in more than a dozen stores nationally (not New York) in a test before a wider rollout.
[USA Today]

Prince William and Kate Middleton have revealed their wedding cake. There will be two: a fruit cake and a chocolate biscuit cake.
[CBS News]

The Polish Slavic Culture Center in Greenpoint is fighting the local community board’s disapproval of an application for a liquor license to serve beer and wine in its cafeteria.

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