Facebook Sued by Grieving Staten Island Parents


Caroline Wimmer was murdered by Calvin Lawson in her home in 2009. While Lawson was sentenced to 25 years to life this past summer, Wimmer’s parents’ legal battles continue over the photos of Wimmer’s dead body that were posted onto Facebook by the EMT who handled her corpse. Mark Musarella, the EMT worker, pleaded guilty to the city’s charges against him and lost his EMT license back in December. Now that the two main offenders in the case are put away, Caroline Wimmer’s parents have pressed charges against “Facebook, the social networking site; Mark Musarella, the emergency medical technician who posted the photo; the city; the apartment complex where their daughter lived, and others.”

The family’s attorney took to the steps of the Staten Island Supreme Court to speak against the privacy laws that protect Facebook because they are a “nonprofit community bulletin board.” The Staten Island Advance has some video.

The Wimmers want the images returned to them, and for the images to be destroyed on Facebook, as well as a list of “the identities of any Facebook users who accessed or downloaded Ms. Wimmer’s photos,” which seems to be taking it a bit too far. Once part of Facebook, the images were public and it, the people who took part in that public interaction aren’t guilty of anything, they shouldn’t be involved in this case. Most of the people who saw the image were probably disturbed enough by seeing them.