Man Actually Converses With People on New York City Subway [Video]





Filmmaker Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change, aggrieved by lack of human interaction (notwithstanding spaghetti fights) and, really, humanity, on the New York City subway, decided to talk to people to ask them the hard questions, like, “Why are you here?” “What motivates you more, fear or love?” and “What’s the meaning of life?” The results of his interviews are pretty moving.

[via Roger Ebert’s Journal]

Nice twist: When people he asked to speak to said no, he had them pick out another person he might talk to, thereby making his point about humanity and interaction despite the rejection of his initial offer. At 12 minutes, this is longer than the usual “something happened on the subway” clip, but it’s way more rewarding than watching some dude put a rat in his mouth.