Surprise! MTV’s Latest Sex Education Campaign Fails Miserably


From the network that brought you Skins, a slanted version of the British teen drama featuring drugs, booze, and scandalous sex, and Jersey Shore (we’ll save our breath explaining that one), MTV presents: SEXIDENTS, the failed attempt at a sex-education campaign. Bravo, MTV, you have yet again convinced everyone that you still suck.

The campaign features a comic book-esque appearance, with chronological boxes representing various sexual encounters and the tagline, “Sex is no accident. Always use a condom.”

Chief creative officers Andreas Henke and Sacha Reeb must have been suffering from a pretty severe creative block when they designed the following images.

1. Charlie was enjoying a nice ‘blade through San Fran, jamming to some tunes, on his way to purchase a matching pair of socks, when he decided to cross the street. Suzie had just finished shopping for a new micro-mini when Charlie slammed directly into her. And by directly, we mean directly.

2. Lula Belle had always enjoyed long bike rides through the park, marveling at the wonder of nature in her floral sundress. It was the first nice day in a long time, and she had a hankering for daylight. Suddenly, her dress caught in between the spokes, miraculously leaving Lula Belle undressed for Talon, a creepy wilderness dude, to make a move! To no one’s surprise, it just so happened that Talon was armed and ready– equipped with a Euro mankini and stellar shades to boot.

3. (Honestly, we’re not even sure what’s going on in this one. Something having to do with teleportation, a pilot standing in a china store, and a dude using the women’s restroom.)

We’re all for sex education, ladies and gents. But when a campaign fails to even land a decent name (sex + accidents = Sexidents?), we have to wonder where the “educational” part comes in.