Today in El Diario: An “Unpardonable” Budget


Today in El Diario, that newspaper at your bodega you always wondered about…

Reacting to the New State Budget

New Yorkers have varying opinions on the tentative $132.5 billion in state budget cuts, according to the Spanish-language daily. Generally, though, they disapprove of the proposed belt-tightening.

“Unpardonable,” and “inevitable,” were just some of the adjectives used by a handful of New Yorkers to describe the agreement, which slashes millions from Medicaid and education.

“I think the governor exercises some type of influence that other governors haven’t had,” Ana Maria Archila, co-director of a non-profit told the paper. “I think that with the threat of the state government closing, legislators let their arms get twisted, but the reality is that, in our communities, these cuts are unpardonable.”

Carlos Vargas Ramos, a political analyst at the Center of Puerto Rican Studies, said that budget cuts dealt with an “unavoidable reality.”

“The state has increased spending the last few decades, and hasn’t done what’s necessary to cover the expenses,” he said.

The budget cuts have even angered Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who said that the plan is “painful,” and “roughshod,” — an injustice to the economic engine of the state.

Vargas Ramos told the newspaper that the proposed budget cuts are a “victory to the Republicans of the state and the country.”

Weekend workshop to create future politicians

If you’ve ever thought about holding public office or running a political campaign, a new, part-time course will show you how to do that, El Diario reports.

In June, the Institute of Latin Leadership is offering a two-day workshop on political campaign management. Attendees won’t just learn how to run an effective campaign, but an ethical one, too, according to the Spanish-language daily.

The syllabus includes coursework on petitioning, fundraising, identifying voter and poll fraud, creating a volunteer database, handling the media, public speaking, and applying advanced campaign techniques.

Those advanced campaign techniques include the Internet, Twitter, text, and e-mails, the paper reports.

At the end of the class, students will receive a certificate of participation.