Violent Punk Marlon Hinds, 20, Mowed Down by Gunfire Outside His East Flatbush Home


Marlon Hinds, a 20-year-old Brooklyn man who lived by the gun, died by the gun last night, mowed down in a hail of bullets outside his home in East Flatbush. The Daily News‘s Matthew Nestel reports that the shooter, whose name the cops either don’t know or haven’t released, first pointed the gun at Hinds’s girlfriend and then filled Hinds full of lead. Spent shell casings “littered the scene” after the one-person massacre around 9:40 p.m. in front of 5501 Snyder Avenue, Nestel noted. A woman whose nearby SUV was punctured by two bullets told Nestel, “It was so many continuous shots — like it came from a machine gun. Somebody wanted somebody dead.”

Hinds will be remembered as a punk who himself used a gun to threaten at least one woman. More from the Daily News:

Law enforcement sources said Hinds had a long rap sheet and cops knew him “on a first name basis.”

Hinds pleaded guilty last month to threatening a woman he allegedly held up at gunpoint near his house in 2009 and forced to remove $12,000 from several ATMs.

He admitted calling her two months later and saying, “Nothing’s going to come of this. I’m not going to jail. I know where you live.”

He was due to be sentenced in May. Hinds was also recently arrested on a marijuana charge.