Yet Another Restaurant Recommendation Site Launches. But Bundle Uses Math!


The Internet is filled with restaurant recommendation sites, from venues like Yelp, which offers detail-by-detail replays of meals, to Dinevore, which is based upon favorite restaurant lists created by friends. And now Bundle has launched, but this site uses metrics derived from credit card purchases.

The new financial website utilizes credit card information to track user spending and makes recommendations off of dining and spending patterns. Type in the name of a restaurant, and the site generates the names of other restaurants that they believe you’ll like, plus a “loyalty rating” that estimates how much you’ll enjoy that restaurant.

The system isn’t perfect; because the site relies so much on credit cards, cash-only restaurants are excluded, and many newer places aren’t featured. But it’s still fun to see how well it predicts your favorite restaurants. Now, if only it could make our job easier by forecasting what restaurants will open in the future.