Take heart, Mets fans. The word is that Carlos Beltran’s knee is healing, and while the roster has a lot of new names and the great Johan is probably out till mid-season, we can anticipate the return of Ike Davis, Jose Reyes, and David Wright. Also, watch for Angel Pagan (.290 and 11 home runs, 17th in NL batting last season) and Chris Capuano, who pitched three shutout innings and hit a three-run double in the Mets-Nationals final match-up of spring training. (We won 8–2.) The Nationals are also hurting, especially with the season loss of phenom pitcher Stephen Strasburg. They do have some power, though, in Ryan Zimmerman, who ranked eighth in NL batting last year at .307 with 25 home runs. Extra bonus: a Mr. Met Bobblehead to the first 25,000 fans.

Sun., April 10, 1:10 p.m., 2011