Courtney Isn’t Loved by Straight Guys


Hit So Hard: The Life & Near-Death Story of Patty Schemel is a hard-hitting documentary about the lesbian ex-addict Hole drummer (second from right), which is playing the New Directors/New Films festival tonight at MoMA.

In it, Courtney Love‘s first quote is, “I was completely high on drugs. I can’t remember much.”

Honest, at least. But the Hole singer prods herself and manages to come up with some interesting stuff.

Like how when you’re a woman in rock, you have no rivals.

Madonna wakes up every day and somebody wants to be her,” says Courtney. “Nobody wants to be me — which is so awesome!”

Also, how it’s been said that Nirvana‘s fan base was people who grew up in broken homes, and that’s true, but Courtney has found that her own niche is as follows:

“A lot of females and a lot of gay guys and a few advanced and evolved heterosexual men. Not many!”

More poignantly, she also talks about how Hole bassist Kristen Pfaff O.D.’d just a couple of months after Kurt Cobain suicide.

“Horrific! And it got overshadowed by Kurt’s completely,” says Courtney, eating. “It’s just not fair!”