After taking a whopping 30-month break between albums, TV on the Radio have finally returned with Nine Types of Light—in all likelihood the fourth record from the critically acclaimed, perpetually indescribable soul-punk avant-goth minimalist wooosh-rockers. With LCD Soundsystem’s funky death rattle shake-shake-shaking along, TVOTR are poised to be crowned the new house band of New York’s twentysomething growing pains and thirtysomething angst (it takes an old soul to truly appreciate the alterna-metal bash of new single “Caffeinated Consciousness,” lurking somewhere in the future-gloss of vintage INXS, the neck-snapping grooves of Prong, and Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” horn-blast bombast). However, this headbanger is made downright airy by drummer Jaleel Bunton’s Copeland-esque hi-hat work. Openers Light Asylum are more on the muted, tape-mutated Steve Windwood thing that’d give any Altered Zoner a boner—but vocalist Shannon Funchess has pipes that can run a VHS tape off its spool.

Wed., April 13, 8 p.m., 2011

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